Reissue Editions Lamaindonne
MAY 2021

I am thrilled to announce that we are working with David Fourré at Éditions Lamaindonne to reissue my first book, VOLTA,
which has been out of print for several years. 
This new and improved Limited Edition features a new style of paper
and new photoengravings from Guillaume Geneste at La Chambre Noire in Paris. 
Each copy will be signed.
VOLTA will be sold almost exclusively on the Lamaindonne website and in select bookstores.
Publication is expected in May.

Pre-orders are now available at the link below :

TERRES BASSES - Editions Lamaindonne 2018

Une balade dans un univers dense et riche, où l’on retrouve le goût de Gabrielle Duplantier pour les paysages, 
les portraits de femmes et d’enfants. Un travail photographique puissant et délicat en même temps, 
qui ne cède jamais à l’artifice, où elle témoigne de la vie, ses accidents et de ses joies,
de ses incertitudes et de ses espérance.L’amour qu’elle porte à ses sujets est toujours là,
permettant au lecteur de rentrer dans l’intimité de son entourage,avec pudeur et infiniment de douceur.
Un regard amoureux qui transforme le noir en lumière. 


Terres Basses Press:

EYES WILD OPEN. André Frères Editions. 2018

“EYES WILD OPEN, on a trembling photography”
70 years of photography, almost 30 prestigious photographers, 17 nationalities

With photographs from:
William Klein – Robert Frank – Ed van der Elsken – Daido Moriyama – Koji Taki – Takuma Nakahira –
Yutaka Takanashi – Miyako Ishiuchi – Christer Strömholm – Anders Petersen – J.H Engström –
Paulo Nozolino – Dolorès Marat – Antoine d’Agata – Klavdij Sluban – Michael Ackerman – Jehsong Baak –
Olivier Pin-Fat – Tiane Doan Na Champassak – Lorenzo Castore – Arja Hyytiäinen – Jacob Aue Sobol –
Alisa Resnik – Gilles Roudière – Stéphane Charpentier – Gabrielle Duplantier – Yusuf Sevincli –
Sohrab Hura – Sébastien Van Malleghem.

With texts and interviews from : Caroline Bénichou, Christian Caujolle, Diane Dufour, Jean-Kenta Gauthier,
Gilou Le Gruiec, Magali Jauffret, Brigitte Ollier et Laura Serani.

Eyes Wild Open highlights the relationships that exist between several generations of photographers whose
practice is as intuitive as it is abrupt or transgressive. Initiated after the second world war by pioneers such as Robert Frank,
William Klein or the founders of the legendary Japanese magazine Provoke,
this singular approach to photography has stood the test of time, and its heritage
remains particularly productive in contemporary creation.


AZIMUT # 2018
Tendance Floue

AZIMUT began on 1st March 2017, with 30 photographers relaying each other in stages during a 6 month long walk across France.
Each person has freely chosen an itinerary. Taking sunken lanes or tarmac roads, following straight lines or winding curves,
the only constraint for the walker-photographers is time: to arrive on time at the agreed meeting point for the next photographer to take over.
These solitary journeyings, a pretext for photography, form a sum of steps and collective images and trace a shared path
that will gradually take its final form in six months’ time when the last person reaches a destination.

Through these journeys Tendance Floue wants to enjoy the paradoxical experience of freedom and the constraint of walking.
The slowing down of time, the effects of the weather and exhaustion of the body alter the relationship with places that are passed,
landscapes discovered and the encounters made possible by this slowness of movement. The dizziness of freedom,
the light-headedness of this rare opportunity for time for oneself and for other people,
the unaccustomed intensity of one’s gaze on one’s surroundings are equally transforming.
This new project by Tendance Floue was designed to be resolutely outward looking.
Thirty photographers, including eighteen guests of the collective, took part in the experience, conversing with writers, designers,
painters, scientists and other guests invited to accompany them for a few hours or a few days.
In the course of their travels they explored hidden, out-of-the-way places in the French regions.
AZIMUT results from the preparation of the shared creative project,
the desire to practice photography and documentary freedom and to confront the unknown.

The photographers :
Pascal Aimar ● Thierry Ardouin ● Denis Bourges ● Antoine Bruy ● Michel Bousquet ● Guillaume Chauvin ●
Gilles Coulon ● Olivier Culmann ● Pascal Dolémieux ● Bertrand Desprez ● Gabrielle Duplantier ●
Grégoire Eloy ● Laure Flammarion ● Léa Habourdin ● Mat Jacob ● Marine Lanier ● Stéphane Lavoué ●
Julien Magre ● Bertrand Meunier ● Yann Merlin ● Meyer ● Julien Mignot ● Marion Poussier ● Kourtney Roy ●
Mouna Saboni ● Clémentine Schneidermann ● Frédéric Stucin ● Flore-Aël Surun ● Patrick Tourneboeuf ● Alain Willaume


AZIMUT collection :

#A : Bertrand Meunier, Grégoire Eloy, Gilles Coulon, Meyer, Antoine Bruy
#Z : Marion Poussier, Denis Bourges, Pascal Aimar, Alain Willaume, Patrick Tourneboeuf
#I : Flore-Aël Surun, Mat Jacob, Kourtney Roy, Pascal Dolémieux, Michel Bousquet
#M : Julien Magre, Stéphane Lavoué, Léa Habourdin, Frédéric Stucin, Marine Lanier
#U : Clémentine Schneidermann, Mouna Saboni, Guillaume Chauvin, Yann Merlin, Gabrielle Duplantier
#T : Olivier Culmann, Laure Flammarion, Bertrand Desprez, Julien Mignot, Thierry Ardouin


JEUNES-GENERATION. Editions Le Bec En L'air. 2017

Young people – Generations

This book is the result of a commission by the Ministry of Culture on the theme « Young people in France ».
Photographers working in the field of documentary images were invited to get involved in this ambitious theme.
Fifteen of the most talented photographers of the moment were chosen.
Their projects reveal the diversity of 21st century France and provide an account of a generation
often described as silent but which is now managing to make itself heard.

Fiveteen photographer:
Pablo Baquedano, Marie-Noëlle Boutin, Gilles Coulon, Chimène Denneulin,
Claudine Doury, Gabrielle Duplantier, Guillaume Herbaut, Yohanne Lamoulère,
Stéphane Lavoué, Géraldine Millo, Myr Muratet, Alexandra Pouzet & Bruno Almosnino,
Lola Reboud, Klavdij Sluban, Patrice Terraz.
Christian Caujolle.
Audrey Azoulay, ministre de la Culture.


VOLTA. Editions Lamaindonne. 2014 - SOLD OUT

VOLTA, in Portuguese, can mean all at once and among other things around, return, stroll,
ride, but also change.The photographs by Gabrielle Duplantier seem to echo this word : roaming and erratic,
crossed by intriguing figures, delicately anchored between reality and fiction.
These wanderings always bring her back to homelands and loved ones, and her pictures,
bathed both in twilight and sunlight, are so many enigmas that link people and places.


Volta press:

MONO Volume One. Gomma Book 2012 - SOLD OUT

MONO Volume One is the first hardback of a trilogy, showcasing an inspiring collection of contemporary black & white photography. 
Its 270 pages feature a broad scope of internationally renowned artists such as Antoine D'Agata, Trent Parke, Anders Petersen and Roger Ballen, 
alongside a vibrant selection of promising new talent. The book combines elegant image sequencing with short essays 
from some of the most influential personalities of the photography world, including Diane Smyth, editor of the British Journal of Photography, 
Christian Caujolle, founder of Agence VU and Yasmina Reggad, director of Photo-Festivals. 
It provides a joyous celebration of raw, monochrome imagery and pays a respectful homage to black & white photography as a poignant and timeless art form.
Created with love and passion the final product is a limited edition, high-quality collector’s item, delivered at a reasonable price. 
MONO has been edited by the London-based publishing house Gomma Books Ltd. est. in 2004. 

Anders Petersen, Andy Spyra, Antoine D' Agata, Chris Rain, Daisuke Yokota, Devin Yalkin, Francesco Merlini, Gabrielle Duplantier, 
Giancarlo Ceraudo, Hans-Christian Schink, Jacob Aue Sobol, Jan von Holleben, Jukka-pekka Jalovaara, Keizo Kitajima,
Kim Thue, Maki, Marco Vernaschi, Margaret M. de Lange, Michael Ackerman, Olivier Pin Fat, Roger Ballen, Scot Sothern, 
Sebastian Liste, Sofia Lopez Mañan, Stephane C, Susu Laroche, Tomasz Lazar, Trent Parke, Tricia Lawless



Cette série s’appelle Les enfants d’ici et alors me viennent ces mots du poète Yves Bonnefoy
quand il évoque l’ici du monde. 
Tous ces enfants, de prénoms, de races, de joies, de jeux si différents et pourtant,
toutes et tous tellement semblables, sont les bourgeons de l’arbre qui s’épanouit dans cette flaque sèche du monde
et je regarde ces photographies avec l’amour et la douleur qu’elles m’inspirent (...) 
Serge Airoldi. 

Résidence d’artiste 2011-2012 à la Factory 64. 
Edité par la Compagnie Lézards qui Bougent.
Préface de Vincent Edin.
Format 16 x 24 cm.
90 photos.
Prix : 15 €

La mer console de toutes les laideurs - Marie Darrieussecq / Gabrielle Duplantier 2012. 

Les éditions Cairn ont réunis en un volume quatre textes de Marie Darrieussecq.
Ils disent à leur manière l’attachement de l’auteur à sa terre natale. 
Ces textes ont été publiés initialement dans des journaux et des magazines (Le Figaro, Libération et les Inrockuptibles.) 
La réunion de ces quatre textes forme un livre inédit, cohérent, même s’ils sont, chacun, de nature très différente. 
Dans « La mer console de toutes les laideurs » Marie Darrieussecq évoque à travers ces textes son adolescence près d'Anglet, 
étrange ville à caractère indéterminé s'évasant entre Bayonne et Biarritz, si proches et si différentes. 
Et dans "Sarri-Sarri", elle évoque Joseba Sarrionandia, un des plus grands poètes des deux côtés de la frontière, 
homme au destin sans doute représentatif de ce que l'on appelle "le problème basque". 
Le livre est illustré de photos de Gabrielle Duplantier.


Chapelles du Pays basque. Editions Cairn. 2009

La Photographe Gabrielle Duplantier a parcouru le Pays basque
à la découverte des chapelles et des oratoires qui ponctuent des paysages familiers.
En partant des sites habituellement fréquentés par les pèlerins ou par les voyageurs,
elle a conduit son regard vers des lieux éloignés des sentiers balisés, parfois même oubliés de l’histoire.
Elle en propose une vision très personnelle où les murs se parent de lumières particulières.
Les conditions atmosphériques révèlent des moments suspendus.
Les saisons vibrent de couleurs étonnantes.Dans ce premier ouvrage de photographies en couleur,
Gabrielle Duplantier explore un Pays basque mystique et silencieux.
Texte de Odile Contamin. Avant-propos de Claude Nori. Préface du cardinal Roger Etchegaray.