Shock and enchantment
In india you can’t want anything
(...)The women glide by, dressed like princesses in shiny silk, graciously stepping over unidentified refuse and smelly puddles, the traffic is deafening, dense and dangerous; motor cycles zig-zagging down the streets, grazing the half-naked, barefoot children running and playing amongst the trucks and bus as if there were in the woods. The endless string of stalls ans shops propose mysterious goods and service. People standing, lying, sitting on the ground in circles, walking, working, some watch me with amusement or curiosity, we exchange glances, then big smiles. We’re interested in each other.
The street is a spectacle; this chaos must have some hidden structure. Lost impressions rise to the surface, the encounter is a gentle jolt.
Wherever I look there’s a unique tableau. All is in wondrous balance, the beautiful and the repulsive merge in intoxicating perfection.
I know why I’m here. I’m spellbound.
I would like to be a part of this fascinating multitude just for an instant, by magic, to know the order underlying this disorder.
Of these run-down streets with their strench and pollution, the only thing I can recognize is beauty.(...)